Long-Term Survival Garden Planner

Long-term survival is planning beyond prepper storage and thinking ahead to a future where there is no infrastructure or stability. A long-term survival garden must feed a family and be completely self-reliant, while producing enough to put aside for the winter. Not only that, your garden must take into account climate change and other events which will change the way plants grow. This planner helps you plan your garden to build up a food supply that will adequately meet your family’s nutritional needs.

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Table of Contents:
What is long-term survival?
1: Estimate Your Own Capacity
What is your total yard space that can be devoted to food production?
2: Calculate Your Calorie Needs
Square Foot vs Intensive Gardening
Weighing the Value
Alternative Food Varieties
Food Storage Quantities by Calories
Production Estimates
Example Garden Planning Table – Grain Based
Example Garden Planning Table – Root Based
3: Quantities and Varieties Plan
Production Calculator Based on Calories
4: Succession Planning
Succession Garden Schedule
Succession Garden Planting Calendar
Seed Starting Date for Transplants

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